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Why it is hard to stay in love

I can remember my first kiss. It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon at the popular East Coast Park in Singapore, facing the sea. We were both 18, with no experience with the opposite sex. There, at a certain moment in time, I found her arms around me. I went...

Why Captain Marvel Is An Inspiration To Lead The Good Life

If you haven't watched the Captain Marvel movie yet, you should. I personally didn't think I would find much depth in a Marvel franchise, but for once I found it inspirational and applicable to daily life. Let me explain. The movie starts by introducing the Kree super-soldier Vers. We get...

Why Married Men Have Affairs

Cheating is easy. Try something more challenging like being faithful. Anonymous Middle-aged married men are a special breed. We've all heard about them pretending to be single and available on Tinder and other dating applications. Why do they risk their family and career to fish for sex with random strangers?...

Getting Your Child To Trust You And Changing Negative Behaviour

Recently, I came across this personal experience by Doreen Traylor on how she earned her 7-year-old son's trust and finally convinced him to stop licking his hands. It's a very interesting story of how parenting is a lot about respecting your child's individuality as opposed to just projecting your own...